Odds remain high for major winter storm this weekend, forecasters say

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FOX 46 Charlotte 

A major winter storm continues to be likely into this weekend.

Models have been very consistent in bringing a powerful system into the area starting on Saturday and lasting through possibly Tuesday.

Confidence that a winter storm will move in this weekend are high BUT there is still low confidence as to what type of precipitation will fall and where it will fall.


As of Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. it is likely the mountains, foothills and areas along and north of I-40 will see a mostly snow event. There is a chance for snowfall totals of up to 6” in those areas.

Neighborhood Weather Alert: Snow, sleet, freezing rain possible over weekend

The Charlotte-metro area will likely see a bit of everything – snow, sleet, freezing rain and cold rain.

Areas southeast of Charlotte will likely see mostly cold rain.

The track of the system will determine much of where the most snow falls but as of now it is important to plan for a significant winter storm this weekend into early next week.