Off-duty trooper catches drunk driver in fatal hit and run crash on Little Rock Road

A woman is dead and two others seriously injured after a hit and run crash Monday night on Little Rock Road, just off Interstate 85 in Charlotte. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say Adelbert Redo was drunk behind the wheel and caused the wreck. According to the police report, a trooper pulled Redo over for speeding on Interstate 85, but he took off, dragging the trooper. 

It all ended when police say Redo slammed into three other cars and took off running. Terresa Ortundo, 45, died on the way to the hospital. Two other people have serious injuries.

Luke James was staying at a hotel nearby and saw the scene. 

"A waste of good life probably and the guy probably didn't do anything that serious that he wouldn't;t have gotten out of trouble for," James said. "Now he's obviously in some serious trouble and unfortunately somebody lost their life over the incident."

An off duty state trooper was the one who witnessed the crash. He spoke exclusively with FOX 46 Charlotte Tuesday night.

Trooper Terry Neal says he was in Charlotte along Little Rock Road after some Christmas shopping.

"I have seen a lot of stuff, but I have never seen a car get hit that fast," said Trooper Neal.

Neal says he knew something was wrong when he was helping those injured in the crash and saw Adelbert Redo run from the scene.

Neal chased after Redo for about 600 yards before tackling him at a nearby convenience store.

 "He kept trying to turn around on me. I couldn't tell if he had any weapons or not. Finally some bystanders were sitting there and I told them to call 911, go in the store and get me some zip ties so I can arrest this guy," said Trooper Neal.

Redo was taken into custody and now faces a a slew of charges, including second degree murder, felony hit and run and DWI.