Officer accidentally discharges firearm at Birkdale Village in Huntersville

An officer accidentally discharged their firearm in a Huntersville field office, police confirmed to FOX 46 Charlotte on Wednesday. 

The incident happened at the Birkdale Village located at 16725 Birkdale Commons Parkway in Huntersville back in September. An officer who was visiting the sparsely used field office noticed a bullet hole in an office window and reported it immediately.

The officer who discharged the gun later confirmed what happened but did not initially report it. The report states the officer was removing his belt to use the restroom when the gun went off. There were no injuries.

"The safety and trust of our citizens is of the utmost importance," Huntersville PD said in a statement. "These matters are not taken lightly and will be investigated fully.  It is our goal to be transparent in these matters and, as the investigation continues, we will release information as legally allowed.  Pending results of the personnel investigation, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken."

The incident is currently under investigation. No word if anyone was injured.