Officer on Trial Video Interview with Police Released

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Officer Kerrick's service weapon, as shown to the jury in his trial.

Video released to the jury shows Randall Kerrick, a police officer, laying his gun on the table as he's questioned by CMPD detectives.

This all happened not long after Kerrick shot and killed an unarmed Jonathan Ferrell in the early morning hours almost two years ago.

A homicide detective who handles officer-involved incidents, Detective Edwin Morales read from transcripts of the interview with Kerrick where the officer said he turned off his lights, sirens, and video recorder prior to arriving on scene.

Morales spent much of his first 40 minutes on the witness stand Friday opening evidence packages and describing their contents to the jury. Among the items displayed were shell casings retrieved from the medical examiner's office and Officer Randall Kerrick's .40-caliber gun.

Kerrick reportedly said in the interview when he arrived, another officer was out of his patrol car with his Taser already drawn. Morales said Kerrick told detectives Ferrell had quote "crazy looking eyes." He said when the other officer tried to use a Taser on Ferrell, it didn't work. That's when Kerrick told investigators he started giving Ferrell commands to stop.

At some point, Kerrick told detectives he ended up on the ground with Ferrell on his lower legs and feet. He said Ferrell was grabbing his legs and trying to come up his body.

Also shown to the jury was the T-shirt Jonathan Ferrell wore when he was shot 10 times. The shirt was contained in a black case which was rolled out into the courtroom. The case was intentionally designed so the jurors could see the shirt, but the audience couldn't.