Officer under investigation for allegedly assaulting man in handcuffs

A South Carolina man said he was beat up by a Clover police officer. But it’s not just this man’s word apparently. Another officer saw it all go down and reported it to the State Law Enforcement Agency.

SLED confirms to FOX 46 Charlotte that it’s investigating the actions of a Clover police officer. The alleged assault happened while the man was in handcuffs.

The police officer is under investigation after a 20-year-old said he was assaulted by him.

“And then when I got slung across the room, I pretty much figured like, yeah, I’m in some serious trouble here,” Antonio McCray said.

McCray said it happened to him on his way to the York County Jail earlier this month.

“Pushed me against the wall, started choking me with both hands,” McCray explained.

McCray said we was walking down the street after his car broke down when he was stopped by the Clover officer. He was arrested for missing a recent court appearance due to a driver’s license issue, and was found with a personal amount of marijuana.

“He said if he caught me walking around Clover again he would drag my back a$%,” he said.

But McCray said the officer became violent with him, brake checking the police cruiser on the way to jail in an effort to make him fall forward.

When arriving at the jail, he claims the officer punched him in the throat, kicked him in the groin and proceeded to assault him.

The hoodie McCray was allegedly wearing during the incident is now torn.

“It honestly did not seem real at all,” he said.

But McCray was not the one to file a complaint. He said South Carolina’s State Law Enforcement Agency reached out to his family after a fellow officer at the jail witnesses the assault and spoke out.

“So for them to stand up and speak out against one of their own, it just speaks volumes.”

Civil Rights Activist John Barnett is working with McCray and his family during the investigation.

“I was talking mad junk about his facial features, his weight,” McCray said.

McCray said the officer has verbally attacked him in the past, and admits he gave it right back to him during the arrest.

“I was just talking junk about his family, like said I messes around with his wife and stuff, like pure utter insults. I didn’t think he would take it so personally, honestly,” McCray said.

But he said a physical attack from an officer; well he never saw that coming.

Family said according to SLED there is video from the jail of the alleged assault.