Officers recovering after drug bust outside York Walmart

Two York Police officers are recovering after they were hurt New Years' Day when they busted four people having drugs and shoplifting at a Wal-Mart.

One of the officers involved was Sgt. Kyle Cummings, who was shot alongside Det. Mike Doty that resulted in Doty's death last year. 

"Sometimes we do run up on things that don't sit well. That's what these officers did," said Det. Thomas Dunham, Public Information Officer for the York Police Department.

Sgt. Cummings and Officer Robert Foster were patrolling East Liberty Street when they saw two men acting suspicious in the parking lot.

"Both men were using flashlights, they said they were trying to get to their trunk because they dropped their keys."

That's when Cummings saw a glass pipe laced with drugs. They also found heroin, meth, and other pills.

"Then he also noticed the keys they were looking for on the ground."

One of the men outside was armed with a knife, while police say two others were inside the store shoplifting.

One of the four charged is Krystle Vinson, who was previously featured in a FOX 46 investigation on meth moms.

"Basically what she is doing is she is feeding her habit."

Vinson bailed out of jail after she was charged for shoplifting and her son tested positive for meth.

"She is addicted to meth and the shoplifting is a means to an end as far as stealing items and selling items to get that fix."

While she is back in jail, Det. Thomas Dunham says Sgt. Cummings is back on the street, resilient and dedicated to the community.

"I can't really speak to what Sgt. Cummings is going through, but I do know he went through a traumatic event at that time. He has bounced back, he has adapted, he has overcome."