Officials investigate cause of fatal fire in York

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A fatal fire occurred in a York, SC home Wednesday morning.

71-year-old William Gregory died in the fire, according to investigators, but his wife was able to make it out.

York, SC Fire Chief Domenic Manera said the fire spread quickly to the attic. Manera believes the detectors were delayed going off because the fire was above the devices, in the attic.

He says you can buy heat detectors for your attic and also recommends closing every bedroom while you're sleeping, so if there's a fire, smoke doesn't spread.

Manera said, "The smoke detectors activated, but it was a delay because everything was burning above them in the attic space. I imagine before the smoke detectors went off and woke them up, there was probably quite a bit of smoke in the residence. We're fortunate that we've got only one fatality, and it's not two."

Firefighters have not released the cause of the fire, but they do not believe it is suspicious.