Officials, neighbors prepare for incoming winter storm

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Across the area, officials and residents are getting ready for the possibility of bad weather and dangerous conditions this weekend. 

"We're getting prepared for the winter event this weekend. We started our brining operation today. We start that 48 hours before an event. We're focusing on our primaries and secondaries. Tomorrow, we'll brine the interstates -- 77 and 40 in Iredell County,” said Matthew Evans, the Iredell County Maintenance Engineer for NCDOT. 

He says they started making brine early Thursday morning-- 40 gallons of brine per mile. Once the snow hits, he says they'll switch over to salt and plowing."We like to start when there's a half inch. There has to be something there to start plowing. An inch, half inch,” Evans said. 

If you're on a major road, chances are, they'll be plowed pretty quickly, but small secondary roads will take longer—and therefore could be more dangerous. 

Over in Huntersville, some neighbors are doing a little more to get ready than others. 

“It's those types of storms that catch us off guard and people haven't prepared because we don't think it's going to happen,” Lorrain Picarelli says. She works for a storm damage restoration company in Huntersville. 

“We always tell everybody leave your driveways clear, have plenty of firewood, we never really know what to expect until it happens,” Picarelli said. 

In her neighborhood, Cedarfield in Huntersville, there are lots of trees. She urges homeowners to have their trees checked before the storm. 

“That cold snap and it freezes and the trees snap especially in an older neighborhood like this where there are so many trees,” said Picarelli.

Her neighbor, Peter Savarese is from New York, so he's taking the storm in stride. 

“I talked to my kids, first year they got a dusting, we were out for three days, I’m like ‘guys we used to climb snow banks to get to school,’” said Savarese.

But Peter says he's still prepared, just in case the neighborhood gets hit hard. 

“I have plenty of lanterns inside, no candles, flashlights batteries and the essentials,” he said. 

And both say don't forget to be a good neighbor. 

All of our equipment gassed up in case we need it or someone else in neighborhood needs it

Right now Huntersville Fire and police are planning to operate normal staffing levels, but that could definitely change depending on the forecast.