Officials warn of exotic cat on the loose in Virginia Beach

Officals say an exotic cat is on the loose in a Virgina city, and are warning residents to stay away from it if they sight it. 

On Thursday, April 11, the City of Virginia Beach posted on Facebook saying an exotic cat wearing a collar was spotted walking through a neighborhood. The area was searched and tracks were present, but the cat has yet to be found. 

It's believed to weigh about 25 pounds, and has long legs putting it at about two feet tall. It's known to eat small rodents and birds. 

The cat appears to be a serval, which are normally found in most parts of Africa.

Animal Control believes the cat has an owner and is asking that the person responsible for the animal contact thier office at 385-6581. They say the cat may be social with humans, but are warning against making contact or interacting with it. 

Anyone who sees it is asked to call Animal Control at 385-5000 and report where it was seen. 

This story was reported on from Charlotte, N.C.