'Oh my gosh!' Clemson Football sends manager with special needs to Super Bowl

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Clemson Football 

It was a huge surprise one young man won't soon forget. 

David Saville, who is loved by many in the football program at Clemson University, was surprised by the team and Head Coach Dabo Swinney Thursday with two tickets to Super Bowl LIII. 

Saville, who has Down syndrome, is the team's current equipment manager. He originally came to Clemson as a part of the school’s “LIFE” program. 

After meeting Coach Swinney, Saville reportedly told the coach that he 'would be working for him and the team.' In the end, Swinney said he could not turn down Saville and his desire to work with Clemson Football. The two have had a very special relationship ever since. 

"I am so happy for you, and it's in Atlanta close to home," Swinney said to Saville. "You and your pops can go!" 

Saville became an equipment manager in 2011 and made fast friends with many members of the team.

Saville has been affectionately called 'The Heart of Clemson Football.'