Oklahoma fugitive dies in shootout with police

Photo via Fox News

A massive manhunt for a suspect in a string of violent crimes, including the killing of two relatives, the shooting of two police officers and multiple carjackings, ended Sunday night in a police chase and shootout that left the man dead in Oklahoma.

Michael Dale Vance, Jr., 38, was shot and killed by an Oklahoma state trooper near Leedey in the western part of the state, authorities said. Vance had shot and wounded a Dewey County officer and fled in a car earlier in the day, according to U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Dave Turk.

Authorities said the Dewey officer suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to The Oklahoman. Police believe Vance was living in a makeshift camp site he had set up near Hammon.

Officers pursued Vance for about half an hour when he an Oklahoma state trooper approached him.

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