One of the world's smallest surviving babies reaches milestone

Photo courtest of Levine Children's Hospital 

One of the world's smallest surviving babies, E'Layah Faith Pegues, has reached a milestone. On Friday, she turned one. 

According to Levine Children's Hospital, E’Layah surprised everyone by beating the odds – going from just 10 ounces at birth to now weighing 10 pounds.

To celebrate her miraculous first year of life, E’Layah’s care team threw her a fun-filled birthday party at the hospital.

Members at Levine Children's Hospital said E’Layah’s mother, Megan, sees her baby’s daily progress firsthand. More than anything, she loves watching her little one grow.

“At first, she could only wear preemie clothes. Now, she’s wearing clothes for three month olds,” Megan said. “And she’s gone from not saying a peep to talking my head off!”

To read E’Layah’s FULL story and more pictures, head on over to the Carolinas Healthcare System website.