Out-of-state couple shocked after car, dogs stolen in Lincolnton

An out-of-state couple was shocked when all of their belongings - their truck and everything in it, including their two dogs - were stolen while they were inside a Chick-Fil-A. 

Scott and Cindy Garrett have been traveling most of this month between Alabama and the Charlotte area for work.  The last thing they expected was to have all their stuff stolen, just as they were about to get to their destination.

The Garretts left the car running with their two dogs, Smokey and Bandit, inside while they went to get some food and they came back out to nothing.

According to Cindy, for the last two weeks, "it's been a living nightmare." 

She says this work trip turned disastrous at the Lincolnton Chick-Fil-A on October 14.

"We had everything in the truck we needed for the next eight days. My dogs, my credit cards, my ID, checks, computer, iPad, everything was stolen," she told FOX 46. 

All of this led to weeks of stress for the couple who have been working to get their job done while trying to get everything else back.

They did get one of the dogs back, Bandit. The black and white pup was found hours away from Lincolnton in upstate South Carolina.

"The other dog is still out there, still missing, probably trying to find his way home," Cindy said. 

The Garrett's aren't sure if they'll see their black 2017 GMC Sierra again, but they say at this point, that doesn't matter.  They just want Smokey back and they want to be back home.

"I'll never come back, even though I know this stuff happens everywhere," Cindy said.

Cindy says Smokey was not microchipped, which could make things more difficult in tracking the dog down.  They also say the OnStar system on the truck was disabled.  

If you have seen the truck, you're asked to call Lincolnton Police. The Garretts are offering a reward for the return of the dog.