Overall crime rates low at UNC Charlotte, even with recent incident

A sexual assault took place at UNC Charlotte's Greek village, then another sexual assault happened just off campus on Sunday, and a robbery took place on campus Thursday morning. All these crimes happened within a week of each other.

"How did that guy get inside the building? There is a specific key?" asked UNC Charlotte Student Talal Matdi. "That’s crazy! It's a big school they have to have more officers around here or more protection." 

UNC Charlotte has a fully staffed police department, 300 blue light emergency phones spread around campus. A campus alert system and the Livesafe APP. So we asked UNC Charlotte Police Chief Jeffery Baker, what's behind the recent string of crimes?

"These incidents, obviously when you look at the statistical data, they are rare. They do not happen often," said Chief Baker.

Chief Baker tells FOX 46 Thursday morning's robbery, is the first robbery on campus in three years and the crime rate on campus is actually low.

"And the crime that we do have, I’m proud to say we have a handle on it. We get after it when it occurs," Chief Baker said.

Some students say more can be done to alert people on crime.

"It’s a good thing at least the system works but if I had to recommend anything, the blue lights should have an alarm system, that way people can hear and know what's going on," a UNC Charlotte student said. 

Some students believe the crime from the last couple of days seems to be a fluke but they believe once the blue line opens up, there's going to be some unwanted crime coming in.

"They are going to open the rail trail. The train and a lot of homeless people are going to come here because the first [sexual assault] incident, they said it's was a homeless [person],” Matdi said.

Chief Baker says they are ready for whatever comes their way.