Overflowing donation bin causing big stink in Charlotte neighborhood

FOX 46 is working to get results for a north Charlotte neighborhood where a recycling program is causing a big stink.

You've probably seen the green clothing donation bins in and around Charlotte. The company behind them claims it’s a recycling program for shoes and clothes, but the one located at the corner of Brookshire Boulevard and Nelson Avenue looks more like a dump.

The items that are supposed to be in the bin are littered on the ground. You'll also find old electronics, furniture and toys dumped like trash.

The location is at a semi-vacant strip mall, but the businesses still there say they've contacted the City of Charlotte and the company behind the bins several times.

A quick internet search says the company is called New Hope Recycling. On their website any business across the country can request a bin for free.

New Hope Recycling claims they do weekly pick-ups, monitoring, as well as cleaning and maintenance with 24 hour service, but when FOX 46 Charlotte called the company they couldn't explain why the area was a mess.

"The clothes and all the items keep overflowing into the street,” FOX 46's Brett Baldeck told the company.

They say the bin will be removed, but business owners nearby say that’s the same thing they were told by the company last month.

City of Charlotte leaders didn’t return messages to FOX 46 Charlotte requesting comment.

It doesn’t appear the bin is violating any city codes, but there are several cities across the country that have created ordinances for clothes donations bins to keep them in check.