Overnight construction keeping neighbors awake in Uptown

FOX 46 is working to get results for Charlotte neighbors who say construction is keeping them up all night long.

Emily Kozel posted video of the noisy nighttime construction to Twitter, saying “it's 3 a.m. and this is all I’ve been hearing out my apartment window since midnight.”

On Tuesday, Charlotte Water, who is doing the work, says neighbors are only going to have to put up with the construction noise for one more night. They say there will be some more work later this week during the day, but it's that loud noise at night that has really frustrated neighbors. 

“It was such a piercing loud noise,” Kozel said. 

She said it was so loud it jolted her awake. 

“I had a sound machine on in my room, I had pillows over my ears, my poor dog was shaking sitting next to me, but it was so blaring and loud.” 

She lives at the apartment complex right next to the construction zone on Kenilworth Avenue near the intersection with East Morehead. 

“What's strange to me is that it's not only is it right outside my apartment complex where hundreds of people are trying to sleep at night but it's also across the street from a hospital and another apartment complex so it's a huge residential area,” said Kozel. 

The noise was so loud early Tuesday morning that the police were called. Charlotte Water says it was noisier overnight into Tuesday morning because they ran into a problem underground and had to use noisier equipment than what was planned.

Officials say they’re working overnight because of the traffic on Kenilworth Avenue during the day. 

Charlotte Water says they're trying to lessen the impact on drivers and businesses, but what about the people who live there?

Kozel says she's literally losing sleep over this. 

“I understand the need to cut back on traffic during the day but the burden that it's making at night where people aren't able to sleep, I don't understand it personally,” 

There is a noise ordinance in the area and the City of Charlotte says it may apply in this case depending on the decibel levels. FOX 46 is checking with CMPD since they were called out last night to see if they found any violations.