Overnight fire damages Huntersville businesses

A massive overnight fire damaged buildings in Huntersville.

“It was a pretty scary scene.” 

That's how Cindy Trevisian describes the large fire last night in Huntersville. It began just feet away from her family's pizza restaurant. 

“You see flames coming up four, five feet coming out of the ceiling and I had people asking about the firefighter stuck inside. You hear all these things and my main concern was that no one was hurt,” Trevisian said. 

The neighboring business wasn’t so lucky. According to Cindy, officials told her it all began as an electrical fire inside Laughingbrook Spellcrafting and Ancestral Arts. 

The businesses Facebook page says flames destroyed the roof but luckily no one was injured.

Back over at Slice House Pizza, the cleanup process is underway.

“Anything that was exposed we pretty much took a loss on that. Everything from the ceiling all the way down to the floor has to be wiped and cleaned. Some of the towels were black from the soot. Washed every dish. The dishwasher has gone nonstop.” 

She knows things could've been a lot worse, so she's thankful for the support from firefighters and the locals.

“This community has been fantastic. There has been an outpouring almost immediately asking us whatever we need. We are incredible thankful for the Huntersville and Cornelius Fire Department.”