Owner found dead in disturbing dog hoarding scene in Roxboro

The owner of a dog hoarding scene was found dead, as were numerous dogs, as the Charlotte Humane Society assisted with the disturbing situation in Roxboro on Monday.

Among a number of deceased dogs, 16 were found alive and were transported to a shelter in Charlotte including a ten-day-old puppy. Twenty-two were found deceased. The owner of the property was found dead on the premises and was a registered Australian Shepherd breeder. The investigation is still active.

“This clearly was a hoarding situation,” said Zach Boerboom, Behavior Specialist at HSC. “She may have been a viable breeder at some point in time, but it was apparently a very long time since that was the case.”

The Humane Society said there were clear signs of cannibalization.

“These dogs have a long road of recovery ahead as they’ve been severely neglected and need to learn how to be pets,” said Libby Jones, Vice President of Operations.

Dogs were found in various states of decomposition throughout the property with no access to food or water.

If you would like to help, please contact the Charlotte Humane Society at 704-377-0534.