Pair of special needs teachers getting results at Grand Oak Elementary

FOX 46 recognizes teachers getting results in the classroom. This week, we are honoring not just one-- but two special educators at Grand Oak Elementary in Huntersville, NC.

We received an e-mail from a parent nominating the two teachers. Here's, in part, what it said:

We surprised the two teachers this week.

"The two most important things they bring to the table is a passion for kids and a wonderful growth mindset," said Grand Oak Principal Ray Giovanelli.

Both educators are second year teachers, but have known for a long time this passion is their purpose.

"We are getting really good results," said Emily Bales.  "We have multiple non-verbal students now speaking in short commands-- which is huge for them and their parents to be able to communicate.  Every success is huge."

"I put my heart and soul into this and really love it," said Lauren Kovach.  "The students aren't always able to thank you or tell you what they need-- so to have a parent see that is really awesome."