Panthers fans frustrated by Newton's performance, focus on fashion

With Cam Newton facing another injury and no timetable on when he may take the field again, Panthers fans are feeling frustrated. 

On Tuesday, the team announced that Newton had re-aggravated a foot injury last week during Thursday’s game against Tampa Bay. 

“I think he just needs to take a couple weeks off, get healthy, I haven't given up on him yet,” Ramy Serageldim told FOX 46.

But Newton’s performance on the field has been in question since the start of the season.

“We got a team that can take us to the promised land, I love you, Cam, but you got to be more accurate and if they're not going to let you be a running quarterback, you're not going to be successful,” Derrick Smith said. 

LINK: Newton status unclear after re-injuring foot

Smith didn’t hold back, saying he feels like Carolina’s star quarterback is focusing more on his post-game fashion than on the game itself. 

“Tom Brady don't put on an extra outfit after the game. Drew Brees don't put on an extra outfit after the game. They’re good passers, Cam, so while you spending all that time putting together outfits, they on the field practicing how they pass. You in the mall. You need to get out the mall and get on the field.” 

Some say they’re just not ready to give up on their main man just yet, despite their 0-2 start for the regular season. 

“I don't think he's necessarily to blame, these things happen and you can't put it all on just this one guy,” another told FOX 46.

Another fan, who calls himself "King David," says he can match Newton on the field and in the fashion department, as king of the Queen City. 

“Cam Newton, I’m disappointed in you, I feel I could fill in your shoes I could be a quarterback." 

Even those fans who want Newton to stay say they do see a big difference in his play when he first started with the Panthers and now and they’re anxious to see what happens in Sunday’s game.

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