Panthers fans hopeful the team will stay in Charlotte after NFL press conference

When you think of the Carolina Panthers, you think of Charlotte.

A Wednesday press conference with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has given fans some hope that the team won’t be going anywhere, most likely.

“I would love the Panthers to stay,” said Geena Bestercy, a big fan. “We're really big fans here, so, it’d be pretty sad if they ended up leaving, so. We hope that the Panthers stay and we get to celebrate a good season next year.”

Fans don’t want the team to relocate anywhere and have been nervous about that possibility after the team was put up for sale following misconduct allegations against former owner, Jerry Richardson.


Goodell stated during the press conference that the NFL’s preference is for the team to stay at its current location. While that is not a requirement for the future owner to adhere to, before the team could be moved, an internal voting process would have to take place.