Panthers get packed, fans begin flying out to London ahead of game

The Panthers are packed, locked and loaded, ready to take on the Tampa Bay Bucs, and plenty of fans are already making their way across the pond.

Here in Charlotte, fans are getting giddy. 

“Cheerio!” yelled one Panthers fan headed to the game in London.

Most fans going to the game this weekend are using it as an excuse to take that long-overdue Europe trip.

“Going to London and then Paris and Brussels and Amsterdam,” Jon Littlepage listed as their itinerary.

“My brother-in-law lives in Oxford,” said Greg Hatcher, “so we're visiting him for a few days before we head into London.

“The opportunity to travel,” said Chris Adkins, “see the Panthers play and have a good time.”

Even though the game isn’t until Sunday morning, travelers were sporting their Panthers gear Tuesday in the airport.

It takes a lot of effort to pack up everything an NFL team needs on any given Sunday, so this trip taking even more time and effort.

“We're fortunate the NFL helps us out quite a bit,” equipment manager, Don Toner said. “They set up the trucking for when we get over there, they helped put the stuff through customs here.”

Now that everyone else is ready to roll, all the players have to do is get the win.

Game coverage starts on FOX 46 at 5 a.m.