Panthers GM Marty Hurney on paid leave following harassment allegations

Another off-field issue has surfaced for the Carolina Panthers. Interim General Manager Marty Hurney is now on paid-leave after his ex-wife accused him of harassment.

Hurney's ex-wife has withdrawn her complaint, but the NFL is still investigating this domestic dispute. 

Team owner Jerry Richardson put the franchise up for sale just days after a Sports Illustrated report alleged that the team made significant monetary settlements with at least four individuals for sexual misconduct and one incident reportedly involving a racial slur.

Richardson relinquished day to day operations of the team to long-time team employee Tina Becker a day after the allegations surfaced. The NFL has named former U.S. attorney Mary Joe White to lead the probe into the Richardson allegations.

The team was officially put on the market after the Panthers playoff loss to the Saints and the sale of the team is in its early stages.

That brings us to Hurney, who was named interim General Manager of the team in July, shortly after the team parted ways with former General Manager Dave Gettleman.  

This is Hurney's second go-round with the Panthers as he served in the same capacity from 2002-2012.   

In an exclusive interview with FOX 46 in July, Hurney talked about how thrilled he was to get a second chance with the Panthers, but that his life had truly been put into perspective with a new marriage and the birth of a new baby girl.

"I’m extremely happy and my wife Tamara and my new little girl Eloise. I have my son Joe-- a 21-year-old who is out in San Diego playing ball. My son Jim who is a freshman at Catawba who is going up there to play football. Things are good."

Another twist in this story: Just last week Hurney had his official interview with Tina Becker and Ron Rivera in the hopes of becoming the Panthers full time general manager.  It has been widely considered it was a mere formality.

But of course now, things are a little cloudier on that front. The panthers notified the NFL of the situation and the NFL has said they are investigating.