Panthers help boost local economy

The Carolina Panthers are set to take on the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs.

As the team continues to succeed, the Charlotte economy is feeling the benefits too.

Officials estimate that visitors bring 5 billion dollars to the local market. Big games have hotel revenue up 40 percent.

The national attention the Carolina Panthers have been getting this season has put Charlotte on the radar of millions around the country.

“Overall awareness that happens and people find out that Charlotte is a really good place to go. Now we are in that mindset of cities that are relevant, the Seattle’s, the Austin’s, the cities that people think are interesting and they want to be part of.” Tom Murray, CRVA CEO, said.

Murray says a successful season for the NFL team helps keep the city vibrant and puts the national spotlight on all Charlotte has to offer.

“We are showing people Charlotte and we get great views of the skyline we often have announcers talking about what a great city it is and just the way that people talk about Charlotte because the panthers are here. Two hundred nights a year we have a professional sporting event so we are a strong sports town.” Muarry, said.