Panthers Owner David Tepper works to get results after seeing FOX 46 story about ill fan

A dying Vietnam veteran, and Carolina Panthers season ticket holder for 25 years, is selling his seats over handicap accessibility issues at Bank of America stadium. 

"His seat where he's at right now there's just no way he could get to it," said Jack Campbell's daughter, Holly Prychodko. "'If he had to climb those stairs, he couldn't breathe." According to Prychodko, you won't find a bigger fan.

"He's one of the biggest Panthers fans around. He's been rooting for them since day one," she said. "He just loves the atmosphere. He loves being a part of the crowd. He loves when the crowd gets all 'Keep Pounding' and gets all crazy. If he's there, he's staying until the end."

Panthers Owner David Tepper spoke with FOX 46 Charlotte on Friday and said that he and the Panthers organization care about the fans deeply and he wants to do what he can to find a solution to the situation. 

Jack Campbell has rarely missed a home game, his daughter said. Until this year.

Three years ago, Campbell, 73, was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The disease, which causes a scarring of the lungs, has confined him to a wheelchair and in need of constant oxygen.

"They told him at the last doctor visit that he probably has a good six months in him, if that, and just to, you know, live life," said Pryrchodko. "It's very tough. It's been rough for my whole family."

She says her dad is determined to go to one more game. The problem is he can't climb the stairs to get to the seat he's already paid for.

The family says they were told Campbell could upgrade to an indoor climate-controlled area, which is handicap accessible, for an extra $200 a game. They were also told there is a wait-list.

As a result, the family says they are forced to sell their season tickets. 

"For him being such a fan, for 26 years, and just such a supporter, I was hoping someone would be able to get him into a climate-controlled area for at least one game," said Prychodko. "We're not asking to go to every game. I just want to get him to one game."

"This is probably going to be the last season he's going to have," she said. "He just really wants to go to a game this year."

FOX 46 reached out to the Panthers Friday to ask about accessibility issues and to see if the team could help get results for Campbell. 

A spokesperson said with it being a game day they couldn't comment.

If you know someone who can help get results for Campbell, reach out to investigative reporter Matt Grant on Twitter or Facebook