Panthers' winning season boosts local economy

With a winning record of 8-0, Charlotte city officials are saying local businesses are benefiting from the Panthers’ successful season so far.

Charlotte Center City Partners says when the Panthers are winning, so is the economy.

Hundreds of fans fill the streets and parking lots every home game, heading out to restaurants and bars to celebrate the victory.

Jamie Riven bark, the general manager of All American Pub, says lines are usually wrapped around the corner just to get in on game days. He has to turn fans away due to instantly reaching capacity.

“This whole block, we have a huge turnout. This season has been exceptional. A little busier than last year,” he said.

City officials are now in the process of conducting research to see just how much the winning season is helping out the local economy.

Fans say they’ll continue flooding into the Uptown area on gamedays to take part in this eclectic energy.