Papal Visit Impacts Local Couple's Wedding

A Philadelphia-area couple hoped to tie the knot during the last weekend in September in Center City. But then, they found out about the pope's visit and plans for their dream wedding fell apart right before they sent out their invitations.

When Julie Martinez and Charlie Bowles got engaged back in October they couldn't think of a better Philly wedding venue than the downtown club on 6th and Chestnut.

"I walked in and this place determined the dress, the decor, the flowers. I fell in love,” said the bride-to-be  Julie Martinez.

It just so happened a week after booking their wedding-the world found out Pope Francis would be coming to Philadelphia.Yes, on the same weekend of their wedding. No big deal so they figured.  They'd work around the traffic and the crowds. But then came the other news. The pope would also be speaking at Independence Mall, a half a block away, just hours after their wedding. Then, they got the phone call two weeks ago and it wasn't good.

And as the invitations were about to be mailed, the couple from King of Prussia, now had to tell their 200 guests-- many coming from out of town their September 25th wedding was canceled--thanks to the pope. The couple had no choice there it was in writing.

So a fall wedding is now a winter wedding. It’s re-scheduled to January 22nd. Even the new Save the Date makes fun of the mix up calling their wedding 2.0. Even though its cost them thousands of extra dollars, they say everyone including the downtown club is trying to accommodate the last minute change. 

 "What we've seen is people coming together to really help us make this day better," Julie told FOX 29.

The couple doesn't blame the pope, but they do have one request: "I tweeted the pope and let him know that he could do us a solid since he screwed up our day. I haven't heard back yet so if anyone knows him feel free- -Charlie Bowles at Twitter. Feel free to reach out," said Charlie.