Parent worried about kid's safety in Ballantyne

A parent said he's worried about his kids’ safety at Ballantyne Elementary School after he said the district allowed people to use the property while children were still there.

There’s a sign outside Ballantyne Elementary School that reads, "tobacco free, drug free, weapon free."

How about stranger free?

A dad said he's worried about his 6-year-old son and 9-year-old daughter after seeing the school parking lot full of stranger's cars when he went to pick up his children from after school care on Friday evening.

"My kids are always outside on the playground playing when I pick them up. This is putting extra pressure on the staff to make sure no one is doing what they're not supposed to be doing," said Kyle Raine.

The father of two says the cars belonged to Elevation Church members who have a new Ballantyne location just down the road on Lancaster highway.

He said this isn't the first time the church has used school property while children are still under CMS supervision.

"Back in early September, the church used the campus for about a week. I don't know when they started, but it was before I picked up my kids from school. It seems to have gone away. But this past Friday, the church used the parking lot at 5 p.m. My kids are in aftercare until 6 p.m."

A CMS spokesperson said Elevation Church Ballantyne did exactly what they were supposed to. They followed procedures and received permission to use the parking lot through the district's 'community use of schools' policy.

An elevation church spokesperson told us the same thing in an email.

"I don't mind what organization uses the campus or for what purpose, but to do it after CMS activities have ended," said Raine.

The CMS policy does not specify a time when other groups can use the property, but does say they cannot interfere with the operation of the school or put anyone in danger.

The district said it would never put its students in harm's way, but the parent we spoke with feels otherwise.

"I think CMS should stop any use of the facility while kids are in their care."

We reached out to both CMS and Elevation Church to respond to this dad's safety concerns, but they wouldn't comment.