Parents continue to question CMS' response to teacher assault at Mallard Creek

Students returned to Mallard Creek High School Wednesday for the first time since a teacher was violently assaulted during class.

Parents tell FOX 46 they still have questions about the student involved. They say they’re frustrated with the lack of information coming from CMS about the assault. 

Just hours before kids went back to class today, the school sent home another message to parents.

As students went back into their classes, thoughts of the violent video that showed a teacher being attacked was still in the minds of many. 


“Everyone was recording and no one helped him,” one student told FOX 46.

 The 50-year-old science teacher, Name Name, received minor injuries. CMS officials say the student, received disciplinary action, but didn’t specify what it was.

Tuesday night the Mallard Creek High School principal sent a new note to parents, saying: 

“At Mallard Creek High School we take all incidents, including threats, seriously. We took the time yesterday to thoroughly investigate and address the assault incident. I understand the fear and concern that our staff, families and students must have based on the incident itself and rampant rumors of other threats against the school. The incident has been addressed and discipline was assigned and aligned to the cms student code of conduct."

What's still unclear for parents is if the student will be allowed to return to school.

FOX 46 reviewed the code of conduct which says punishment can range from suspension to expulsion.

 "Whoever did this should at least go to jail for a couple of days because it is really disrespectful to walk up to a teacher and start choking them for no apparent reason,” the student said. 

According to a CMPD police report, the student was charged with assault, but because of his age we don't know if he was ever sent to jail or when he could appear in court.

The principal at Mallard Creek high is supposed to be meeting with students in the coming days to discuss how they should handle a situation like this if it were ever to occur again.