Parents feel student who threatened son, brought knife to school should be expelled

A student threat at Porter Ridge Middle School has one family demanding answers and action from the district.

"Our child did nothing to warrant their throat being slit by another student," said mother Brandi Burke. 

Brandi and Cory Burke say their son is a victim of unprovoked bullying.

"What could possibly happen next and that's what we're not willing to risk," father Cory Burke said.

Earlier this month, they say a student told a group of bus riders he was going to slit their son's throat. Their son is still scared to this day. Family says, the school tells them, that same student was later found with a knife.

"I didn't believe it at first, but we went to the library and he showed a bunch of people the knives. After that I was pretty scared so I went and told the teacher," the student told FOX 46 Charlotte.

Family says, while witnesses saw several knives, the school only found one of those knives.

The school district says the accused student was punished appropriately, which according to the student handbook, is a suspension. In a statement released Friday afternoon, the school said: 

The safety and security of our students and staff is critically important. Staff at Porter Ridge Middle is committed to maintaining a safe learning environment for its students. Appropriate action has been taken in this matter as an active investigation continues to address the concerns.

These parents say that's not enough. They turned to social media, asking for the student to be expelled for the safety of their child and others. 

"No parent should have to go what we're going through," said Brandi. 

The bullying has continued, they say.

"I feel as though the school does not have our back," she said. 

Union County Public Schools say an active investigation continues. The victim's family says it'll keep fighting for change.