Parents fight closure of Faith Elementary School

Frustrated parents in Rowan County believe pleas to save their neighborhood school were not heard Monday afternoon.

“It would be devastating for this school to go,” Parent Amanda Rhinier said. She’s one of dozens of parents with a message for the Rowan County School board--save Faith Elementary School.

“Our school is the heartbeat of our community, and we don’t want to see our school go,” said Rhinier.    

The school board chair spoke strongly to the parents who took off work in the middle of the day to fight the closing of Faith Elementary.

“It is time that we that we all grow up and understand that we’re in a very dire situation,” said Josh Wagner, the Rowan-Salisbury Schools board chairman.

Wagner says closing Faith Elementary School would save the district millions of dollars in capital needs and reduce the number of empty seats in the district. Students at Faith would be moved to Koontz Elementary.

“I don’t give a durn about low performing because let me something those kids are no different than your kids, they’re no different than my kids,” Wagner said.

The board voted Monday to take the first step in closing Faith Elementary at the end of this coming school year and Enochville Elementary at the end of next school year.

“Everything a lot of emotions, some of us have bought our homes in this community for this school,” said Rhinier.

“It doesn’t matter what we say, how much shouting we do, I don’t think it will change their minds. They’re going to do this,” said Randall Barger, a Town of Faith alderman and a grandparent of Faith Elementary student.

Monday’s vote isn’t a done deal yet. There will be a public hearing at a later date and then the school board would have to take a final vote to close any schools.