Parents found passed out with 1-year-old child, drugs in car

A mother and father are in jail this Christmas after police say they were found passed out, likely on drugs, with a 1-year-old in the car.

Gastonia Police tell FOX 46 the discovery was made at a QT the afternoon of Christmas, by a man who was going in to do a job, but likely wound up saving a little child from harm. 

On Monday, Shane Harvell was working when something unusual caught his attention.

“I saw a baby crying and I looked over, out of curiosity,” Harvell said. 
He works at a distributor and was at the QT off I-85 and Hwy 321 when he came across the site. The baby was not alone.

“The mom, I believe, of the baby, and the father were in the driver's seat passed out,” Harvell said. 

Gastonia Police say it was Lauren Patterson and Glen Willoughby in that car with that crying 1-year-old. Harvell says he had a daughter of his own, so calling the cops, for him, was the only option.

Police arrived at the scene within minutes.

“Next thing I know, they had them both locked up in the cars, and they I guess they were waiting on someone to pick up the baby,” said Harvell. 

FOX 46 has learned the baby is now being cared for by relatives. The couple is now in jail.

Police say they had heroin and marijuana, and are now facing child abuse charges.

“To be honest, in Gastonia, you never know what to expect,” Harvell said. 

The suspects in this case did have an address in Rock Hill.  FOX 46 went to the address, and people there told us the couple was known to have been living out of the car they were caught in.