Parents: Man Dressed as Santa Approaching Kids in South Charlotte

Parents in one South Charlotte neighborhood are sending out a warning after they say a man dressed as Santa has been driving around, approaching kids, and handing out candy.

The man and a woman were spotted in the Weston Glen community in Ballantyne about a week and a half ago, passing out candy canes to kids saying they were spreading Christmas cheer.

No one knows what their intentions are, but one mom tells us she was very concerned that many of the kids did what they were taught not to do by approaching strangers.

Heather Halpin said, “Suspicion was my first reaction and then fear, when I understood that most all of the kids went up to the car and accepted the candy and ate the candy.”

Halpin said, “We sat my older daughter down and actually decided to scare her and told her a couple stories in real life of children that had been taken right from their front yard.”

Halpin says she contacted CMPD and also warned her neighbors, in person and on social media, about what happened. Police say it's important to let your children know to tell you about anything suspicious as soon as possible, so that investigators are aware of what's going on as well.