Parents mourn 22-year-old killed in west Charlotte crash

The parents of a 22-year-old woman killed in a crash in west Charlotte are sharing their heartbreak after laying their only daughter to rest.

“That’s my baby girl. So pretty, so full of life, with a fantastic future ahead of her, and her life has just been cut short,” father Michael Brotherton said. 
He and his wife mother still trying to make sense of what they call a senseless tragedy.
“I am just glad she died happy. she got the job, she had an apartment and she was with her friends doing what she wanted to do,” he said. 

22-year-old Hanna Brotherton was among the three people killed Friday night on Wilkinson Boulevard.  police say a motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed crashed into them killing all 3 passengers sitting in the backseat.
Her parents tell FOX 46 that aside from the good news she received earlier in the day about a new job she got, she was all set to move into a new apartment Saturday afternoon.
“I said ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at three,’ and that was the last time I spoke to her. Instead at 3 on Saturday, I looked down at my watch and we were picking out her casket.” 
The Brotherton’s Hanna loved life, always had a smile on her face and was someone who was resilient. She had type one diabetes and Celiac's Disease, which is a gluten allergy.

“She was my hero. She was my baby, my buddy. I told everybody she was my partner crime because we always did everything together,” Michael said. 
Hanna’s parents say more than 400 people were at her visitation yesterday, and added that they're grateful for the influence and impact she had during her brief time on earth.
“She touched so many lives that what people said last night about how much she meant to them and it's just a hole in our lives.”