Parents of toddler born with tibial hemimelia determined to see son walk one day

Every expecting parent wishes for their baby to be born strong and healthy. But what happens when doctors bring you news that rocks your world? 

That's what happened to Deacon and Shaye Hunt. Twenty weeks in, the ultrasound of their twins showed an abnormality that would change everything. 

Dameon was born with a rare lower limb deficiency called Tibial Hemimelia​​​​, where the tibia is shorter than average causing his feet to turn inward. This certainly has not stopped Dameon from getting around. 

Although many doctors have recommended amputation, the Hunts haven't given up hope. Their faith has given them strength to pursue alternatives trusting that their boy will walk one day, just like his brother. 

The Hunts sat down with the Good Day gang on Tuesday to talk about how their faith has strengthened their family and what their next steps are in helping Dameon take his first steps.