Parents on edge after CMS crossing guard hit by truck

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools crossing guard was hit by a truck this week, knocked off her feet outside of Old Providence Elementary School. She wasn't seriously hurt, but parents who heard it happen tell FOX 46 Charlotte that area is dangerous for students trying to get to school.

The district tells FOX 46 Charlotte this is a spot CMS and Charlotte DOT frequently discuss, possibly moving the crosswalk or getting more traffic signals.

“I jumped up and said, ‘You can’t see me? I’m in bright yellow!’” said Sue Killar-Jordan. She has been protecting students at the crosswalk on Rea Road and Summerlin place for the past year. “A gray truck pulls up just like that car, he must have just looked that way! Because he swung out and knocked me on my butt.”

Parents couldn’t believe what happened: “I was walking my daughter to school and I heard this loud noise,” said Mary Berkeley. “And I turned around and I was like oh my gosh I saw a truck in the cross walk and the crossing guard was down on the ground.”

CMS says in a statement: Safety is priority for students and staff and the district is aware of parent concerns in the area. As a short term solution, carpool parents are asked to follow and remain in the designated carpool areas, and obey all traffic laws including reduced speed during school hours.

Meanwhile, this is a location CMS and Charlotte DOT have frequently discussed for potential relocation of the carpool and crosswalk and signalization. Until those long term solutions can be accomplished, school leadership is asking that motorist obey speed and other traffic laws in the area.

“When I went down the first thing I felt was anger,” said Killar-Jordan. She buys most of her own flashy equipment. “I said (to the driver that hit her) owe me 40 bucks for my pole! My pole was all bent out.”

Parents say there is talk of putting in more traffic signals nearby next year, but they believe something needs to be done immediately for everyone’s safety: “If the crossing attendant is being hit who is supposed to be keeping our kids safe very easily it can be one of our children,” said Will Berkeley.