Parents say 12-year-old who unwittingly consumed alcohol at school was suspended

The parents of one Ranson Middle School student say their 12-year-old son came home from school drunk. They say they only found about what happened that school day out when he stumbled off the bus.

“He got off the school bus at 5:00 and he was inebriated, stumbling over things, antsy, saying he wanted to throw up," the boy’s dad, Terrence Ford, said. 

Their son, Jalik told FOX 46, “I thought it was apple juice, because it had smelled like it so I drank it and it taste funny.”

His dad, Terrence Ford, says his son unknowingly ingested alcohol at school.

“He thought it was juice,” he said. “He bought it, he drank it, went and told an administrator, from the story he tells me,” Ford continued, “but the administrator turned around, told him he knew what it was and suspended him.”

His son Jalik says a kid was passing out the apple juice at Ranson Middle School; or so he thought. He says he was suspended for five days after he told an administrator.

“When he had sent us to class,” Jalik said, “my teacher, she had to take us to the bathroom and that's when I went in the bathroom and I threw up.”

CMS doesn’t give details on student behavior or discipline, but did refer us to the code of student conduct, which provides a wide range of disciplinary options, including suspensions for alcohol consumption.

Jalik’s parents say they don’t drink, and don’t allow alcohol in their house.

“My head was hurting, and my stomach started to hurt,” Jalik said, describing how he felt after drinking the alcohol. “I was sleepy and my head was real, real messed up.”

When Jalik told his parents he felt funny, they took him to the hospital.

“I don't know exactly when he consumed it,” Ford said, “if anybody tried to flush his system, why didn't anybody notify me?

Ford says he wishes the school told him sooner, and is disappointed they punished his son when he tried to tell an administrator what happened.