Parents, students struggle with first day back to Butler High School

Butler High School students returned to class today for the first time since a deadly shooting took place.

The students seemed to be taking things much better than the parents. One mom was wiping away tears as she dropped off her child.

“It's emotional, it's sad, this shouldn't have happened,” the mother told FOX 46.

She and other parents had a tough time sending their children back to the high school. 

“For me it was very scary, I was nervous, I cried,” another parent said. 

It's the first time the students have walked the halls since 16-year-old Bobby McKeithen was shot and killed by his own classmate Monday.

“We love them all this is a tough time, but be strong, get through it. We're here with you and unfortunately this is the world we live in and we hoped that this would never come here, but it has,” said 

Alumni carried signs of support for students and other schools placed signs out front to encourage them, 

“We just want you to know that we support you for being so brave, these kids didn't have to come back to school today, they didn't have to come and walk these very halls that this happened in,” 

Students felt the support-- something they all need as they mourn the loss of McKeithen and deal with the fact that another fellow student 16-year-old Jatwan Cuffie is behind bars, charged with murder. 

“I think today we'll learn that we are butler and that the school is a safe place and that the schools going to do everything it can to make sure we feel safe and make sure this never happens again,” 

Matthews Police tell us they've ramped up patrols around all their schools. Three to four police cars were outside of Butler High School throughout the day.