Parents Upset After CMS Closes Tuesday

Local parents say they're angry and in disbelief after Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools decided to cancel classes for a second day this week due to weather.

The district tells us even though many roads and campuses were cleared Monday, nearly one-third of them were still weren’t safe for students and staff this Tuesday morning.

"The kids are thrilled, but looking at the weather, I just thought how could this be possible?" said Tracey Rader, mother of three.

CMS contacted parents Monday evening to let them know that schools would be closed again on Tuesday.

"My husband has a job that doesn't really allow him any flexibility. I have a job that i have a responsibility to be there for. I was in a bit of a panic. We don't have that flexibility. Then you're trying to find out, is there anyone available to watch. Where are you going to put them?" said Patti McKinney, mother of two.

The district says 50 snow plows were out Monday clearing more than 100 campuses but, more than a third of school campuses still had visible icy patches.

"I understand why it's not cost-effective for the city to have big equipment to clear the roads, but i think the schools need to be better prepared with things like salt. Why do they not have adequate amounts of salt. We know this happens year after year. There should be precautions taken," said Rader.

In a statement, Superintendent Ann Clark said, "Closing our schools isn't a decision that we make lightly. We consult with the city and county, follow the weather forecast closely and assess the roads with the help of law enforcement agencies. Our leadership team meets often to discuss the latest updates. When we are making a decision, the safety of our students and staff is our number-one priority."

"You have about165 schools, around 150,000 students. The entire district is now displaced because of a few areas being unsafe. I think this is something CMS needs to look into and come up with a better solution," said McKinney.

The district will run on a normal schedule Wednesday. The make-up days for Monday and Tuesday are February 15th and April 25th.

CMS says when faced with winter weather concerns, the superintendent and executive team make plans for all possible scenarios - no school, late start, early dismissal.  The state requires a minimum of 185 days or 1,025 hours of school for students.