Parents upset with handling of social media threat at Stanley Middle School

A social media threat was made toward Stanley Middle School this week, and some parents are angered that they weren’t made aware of the potential danger until days after.

"I don't feel the students are safe."

This parent of a Stanley Middle School student asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.
He says he kept his son home from school Friday because of a threat against the school.

"When your child says they don't feel safe at school, a place they spend five days a week during the school year, I think it makes it difficult for a student to focus on their studies and excel."

He says his son heard about the social media threat against Stanley middle on Wednesday, and he got a call from the principal about it Friday morning.

"Apparently the threat was made on Wednesday on snapchat. I found out as a parent just this morning at 7:15 that the threat had been made through the phone call from the principal. My son had actually known about it a few days ago. We spoke with him and told him if he ever hears a threat like that he has to come to us immediately and let us know."

Gaston County School district says the principal found out about the threat late Thursday night. We're told the school investigated the threat with Stanly Police Department and found it was not a credible threat.

FOX 46 was not given details about how that was determined, but officials say the school looks into every threat, and if needed will involve the school resource officer and police department.

Regardless, the father we spoke with says the school should have informed parents right away. 

"If the school has a threat-- whether they feel it's credible or not-- I think the parents need to know and decide whether or not to send their children to school on a day there could be an incident."

This is the first instance of a threat made against Stanly Middle this year that the district is aware of, but officials say some have happened at other schools.

Despite reports, Stanly Middle School was not put on lockdown on Friday. The principal says the school checks out every threat, and this case is closed. 

School officials say if you are aware of a threat, you should report it immediately.