Parking proves to be a major problem for Panthers fans

Panthers fans know all about parking issues, and it seems like each season, it gets harder and harder to get to the game. 

"It's rough."

At Friday night's preseason game against the Buffalo Bills, FOX 46 saw one couple park their car on the side of an interstate entrance ramp before heading into the game. It seemed pretty risky, but even more cars began to follow their lead. 

Shortly afterwards we saw CMPD take notice and start to dish out tickets, but for today's game goers, that $25 fine is less than the $60 parking offered near Bank of America Stadium. Police are saying, however, that from here on out cars will likely be towed.

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"I would be very upset if my car got towed, but they should've known better than to park right there," Lagina Henderson said. 

That's why some choose different ways to make it to the game, opting for Ubers, Lyfts, light rail rides and e-scooters. 

"I would rather catch an Uber. I do not want to pay $60 to go to a Panthers game plus a ticket," said Henderson. 

FOX 46 spotted parking costs soaring up to $100.

"Well, with the traffic today, we actually had to get dropped off a little further from the stadium."

And when fans get dropped off further away, Suresh Silva drives in with his ATV.

"The parking has been taken away with buildings and the light rail yard. So there's no parking around here," said Silva.

Silva says he's been giving free rides to fans who have a long way to go to get to the game.

"I've got one person who has polio. I've got one in a wheelchair," he said. 

Now, if you are parking, CMPD says to make sure you find a designated area. After all, the attention should be on the game and not on what might be waiting for you when you return to your ride.