'Peanut butter bandit' wanted for vandalizing cars in Charlotte

More than a dozen cars were vandalized overnight Sunday in the Brightwalk neighborhood. Neighbors woke up to find peanut butter had been smeared all over cars parked along Bending Birch Place.

“We walked out probably around 10:30 and our house is right over there, and I actually saw a couple of cars behind us with it on the front windshield and I was like what’s going on? I actually thought it might be dog poop,” said Kim Lawrence. She and her husband Jess worked all morning to get the peanut butter out of the crevices of their car.

She said, “They had taken pieces of bread as like their mitt and smeared it all over the front, side, the roof, and the back all driver’s side so I took my ice scraper out and scraped it all off and went and got a car wash.”

Peanut butter and bread had practically baked on under the hot summer sun. Gerome Anthony Jr. just moved into the neighborhood and said fortunately his car wasn’t touched. He was forced to park in the garage Saturday night because there were no spaces left on the street. He was still surprised by what he saw Sunday when he went to walk his dog.

“It was an empty peanut butter jar set upside down on top of the roof,” said Anthony.

Some neighbors started their own investigation using the Nextdoor App. They were hoping someone caught the prankster on surveillance video. In the meantime, others called the police and filed a formal report. Neighbors believe it was probably a prank by a bored teenager.

“This is the entrance way to the neighborhood so I understand the location. I do think it was just a prank but it’s frustrating,” said Jess. Kim followed up and said, “Yeah, it was relatively harmless but it’s still like, why?”

Neighbors believe the situation could’ve been worse recalling instances where car windows were busted out. They said they were glad it was just peanut butter. They said they’ll be keeping an eye on for any peanut butter wielding bandits and possibly bored teens.

“I’m gonna keep my car parked in the parking garage from now on,” said Anthony. Kim and Jess were getting ready to go inside and said, “Maybe I needed the car wash but if they come back again after it’s clean then I’m gonna be pissed,” said Jess. Kim said, “I’m just glad it wasn’t crunchy.”