Peepers in public restrooms: one man fled the country, another released from jail after 9 minutes

Peeping in public restrooms has become a growing problem. Huntersville Police say a lot of times it goes unnoticed. They advise parents to be vigilant after a man took videos of underage boys in a Target bathroom. 

Meantime in Gaston County, police say Joseph Hodge was arrested Friday for attempting to take pictures of a man inside a YMCA bathroom stall. 

“I do look around, I watch my flanks I watch people who walk up behind me,” said J.P. Hunter. 

Turns out the victim at the Warlick YMCA was a local police officer. Hodge check into jail Friday and was released within nine minutes on a five-thousand-dollar bond. Warlick YMCA tells Fox46 Charlotte he was a member and has since been banned. 

“It’s a family place you wouldn’t think would want to go in there and peep on other people, especially you don’t want kids in that situation,” said Hakim Mann. 

In Huntersville, police say the man accused or recording underage boys at the Target on Sam Furr Road fled the country. According to U.S. custom and Border Protection, Oscar Nolasco-Hernandez is still wanted on 15-counts of felony peeping. Parents and shoppers say that’s not stopping them from using facilities. 

“It depends on the store but yeah I feel okay,” said Anita Hunter who shops at the Huntersville Target.  

Huntersville police advise people using public restrooms to be aware of their surroundings: “If you hear a camera flash or see a flash look around and tell someone,” said Officer Odette Saglimbeni.