People in Belmont are 'going ham' over this little pig on the run

One little piggy is on the run in a Belmont.

Neighbors in the Southpoint Road area believe it's an abandoned pet. Residents are trying to get results and save it.

"Right around ten days ago is when we first saw it," said Neighbor Dave Switzer.

The 'babe' in Belmont is now becoming the talk of the town.

"It's adorable," said Anna Kinsley.

"It's so cute," added Rachel Graham.

People are going absolutely hog wild over this little piggy.  Residents believed a resident dumped it.

"When I arrived here, it was the first thing my aunt said to me," Graham said.  "She told me, 'there's a pig on the loose-- you have to come see it!'"

"I've never seen anything like it before," Switzer said.  "I think that's what's drawing the attention."

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The pig has been creating a bit of chaos-- making a messy mark in yards and mucking and muddying up the neighborhood.

"We've seen a ton of activity-- everybody wants to stop and take pictures and try to rescue the pig," Switzer said.  "And that's the main concern-- is for its well-being."

From feeding it to trying to catch it to stopping for photos-- this little porker has become a neighborhood pet.

"Anytime we see it-- I keep bread or a pancake in my car and we pull in and try to feed it," said Switzer.

"It's like a neighborhood pig-- like the mascot," said Graham and Kinsley.

Residents have even named the pig "Gwennie."

"It seems friendly," Switzer said.  "All the kids in the neighborhood love it and everyone has kind of made it their pet here."

Traps have been set up as people try to make sure it finds safety,

"We've had a couple people come out and try to rescue it," Switzer said.  "They brought another pig out to try to lure it in-- but I don't think anyone's been successful yet."

Maybe someone will have better luck, when pigs fly.

"Hopefully someone will be able to save it," Switzer said.  "I'd ask everybody-- if you have a pet you don't want, put it on social media.   Someone will take it in rather than abandon it like that."