People voluntarily evacuate mobile home community after flooding in Burke County

A mobile home community in Burke County on Antioch Road experienced significant flooding on Sunday.

First responders encouraged homeowners in this neighborhood to evacuate. All evacuations were voluntary and not mandatory.

Flooding on Antioch Road forced road crews to shutdown a section of the street Sunday morning, but was reopened Sunday night. First responders said as rain makes its way back into the area overnight into Monday the road may be shutdown again. 

Neighbors showed Fox 46 Charlotte pictures of their cars and homes submerged in water.

"I've loss my car," said Katrina Freeman, who lives in the community. "If it rises anymore, I'll probably lose my camper as well."

There were no reported injuries as a result of the flooding.

Neighbors said flooding happens whenever it rains, but that they can't remember the last time it was this bad.