Pet friendly bottle shop coming to South End

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Bulldog Beer and Wine is true to it's name.

"It organically grew out of beers by a campfire trying to figure out a catchy name, that I could do a catchy logo and be dog friendly. I was trying to appeal to lots of different things," Rob Johnson, owner said.

Johnson describes the shop as a hybrid. He says it's a bottle shop where there are opportunities for retail sales out the door, but at the same time customers can consume beer and wine on the premises.

Johnson, a UGA grad quit his job in commercial real estate finance and opened his first store in 2008 in Boone, NC.

"It turned into a beer store in Boone, and then it turned into a beer store in Boone and Charlotte, and now it's turning into two beer stores in Charlotte," Johnson said.

Johnson's shop in Dilworth is going on three years.

"I think after a year and a half I started to get the itch to look for a second spot in Charlotte," Johnson said.

So, he chose South End as his next location. He says he picked South End because the demographic was just right for his type of business.

While he's opening a new place, others are closing.

"There are a lot of properties getting sold over there right now. People have to move out because places are getting torn down. They're tearing down the old buildings with character that have been around for 50 years and just going vertical with it," Johnson said.

Johnson made sure he wasn't opening just another bottle shop. He's maximizing his opportunities by including retail, a bar and making it dog friendly.

"In a college town that was great, because most students couldn’t bring their pets to school so everyone that came in was like, 'I miss my dog I love coming in a seeing your dogs, your dogs make me miss my dog and while I'm here I'll buy beer and wine,'" Johnson said.

Johnson says the new location in South End will have 20 plus bar seats, a dozen or more food trucks Thursday through Saturday and it will be pet friendly Monday through Thursday.

"I wanna be the one somebody brings up Monday in their office," Johnson said.

The new shop will be a place for tailgates with corn hole boards and other games. They will have weekly/monthly events and live music. Along with home brew supplies and urban necessities, like soap, detergent and dog food.

"We've done beers that we've enhanced with cinnamon toast crunch, coffee beans, brown sugar bacon and sour patch kids. We do it all, I just wanna be memorable," Johnson said.

The South End bottle shop is expected to open at the beginning of December. You can check out there Facebook for the latest updates or follow them on twitter.