Photographer Eben Patten "not accepting new work" after FOX 46 investigation

Charlotte photographer Eben Patten announced she is "not accepting new work at this time" following a FOX 46 investigation into her business.

Patten, whose business also goes by the name Eben Adrian Productions, drove away when reporter Matt Grant tried to get her side of the story. Last month, more than a dozen women accused Patten of taking thousands of dollars but not delivering on promised wedding and engagement photos and videos. 

Several photos shown to FOX 46, allegedly taken by Patten, are of the floor, blurry or overexposed. One woman said Patten got drunk at her wedding. Another woman said she paid her $200 to shoot her baby shower but Patten never showed up. Another woman said Patten never turned over photos from a celebration of life event for their deceased daughter.

LINK: FOX 46 to get results for victims of Charlotte photographer

"We could have had one of our friends or family members take better pictures on their cellphone," said Katy Negroni, who, after five years, is still waiting for a nearly $2000 refund, ordered by a judge, along with her wedding video.

Patten previously called any allegation against her "very untrue and slanderous." She originally said she would "love" to do an interview but then blocked FOX 46 from contacting her on social media. 

After our investigation, Patten shut down her website

Now she is addressing our story for the first time, admitting she has "fallen short." Patten says she will work with angry customers to "resolve the issues" made known to her and "bring all complaints to a satisfactory resolution," she announced on her Facebook page.

"I am working diligently to address these complaints and sue this process as an opportunity to grow and simply do better," Patten wrote.


Angel Mercado received an overexposed photo from her engagement shoot and never got the edited video she paid for. She says Patten ignored her for months. She reached out to Patten about her change of heart offer but, so more than 24 hours later, so far has not heard back.