Photos released of car believed to be involved in violent road rage incident

Authorities released photos of a car they believe was involved in a road rage incident in Mooresville on Sunday where a man was shot with his family inside the vehicle. 

Officers responded to calls around 12 p.m. near 700 Cornelius Road regarding a man who had been shot. The victim, Mooresville resident Brian Ludwick, was found shot in the abdomen. The search for the suspect is ongoing.

Multiple witnesses were interviewed by the police and were able to fill in the blanks.

Ludwick approached a slower moving vehicle, passed the vehicle, at which point the slower moving vehicle began to tailgate him on Fern Hill Road, witnesses said.

While stopped at an intersection, the suspect threw an object at Ludwick's SUV. Ludwick then followed the suspect until they pulled into a driveway of a home at 719 Cornelius Road.

Ludwick got out of his car and approached the suspect, who proceeded to pull out a gun and shoot Ludwick. The suspect then fled.

Ludwick was transported to the hospital, underwent surgery, and is in stable condition, officials said.

The suspect's vehicle is described as a 2008 or newer gray Kia Forte. The suspect is described as a white male ranging in age from the late 20s to 50s with short brown hair and slight facial hair. The suspect was wearing sunglasses with an orange tint.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact officials at 704-878-3180 or 911.