Pilot in 'Sully' movie involved in US Airways Flight 1549 investigation

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A pilot from the new 'Sully movie' spoke with Fox 46 Charlotte. She's a real American Airlines captain who was involved in the investigation into the 'Miracle on the Hudson'. She shared some behind the scenes tidbits with our own Caroline Fountain.

Captain Lori Cline remembers the moment US Airways flight 1549 landed in the Hudson.

"I was sitting at my kitchen table and watching it unfold myself. The phone rang and it was my fleet captain. He told me he was holding an airplane for me in Greensboro. He asked me to fly to New York and represent the company for the investigation," Cline said. 

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That was in January 2009. Years later, she got another call to be part of a movie that would capture the miracle landing and the investigation that followed.

"The pilot who plays my copilot in the sequences leaned over and said to Mr. Eastwood, are you aware that Lori really was on the investigation team doing these very runs? He said stop! And leaned in and asked, are we doing everything the way you did it?" Cline said. 

The scenes where she appears in the movie were actually shot right here in Charlotte inside one of the American Airlines’ training simulators across the field from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

"I thought he would give more direction than he did, but he just wanted us to do our thing and do it professionally and do it normally and that's what would translate on film. If that's what he was going for, it worked, because it was very realistic," Cline said. 

She was there with the stars in New York for the movie premiere. Her role - and that of the other real pilots in the film - praised by the movie’s lead actor Tom Hanks.

"They impact how you reenact what went on. They're not allowed to talk when the plane pulls away from the gate. Did you know that? They have to buy their own food because nobody feeds them. Did you know that? I didn't know that either so you end up learning a whole lot of stuff," Hanks said.