Pineville considers pit bull-based ordinance

The Town of Pineville is considering an ordinance that would label pit bulls as "aggressive" and potentially limit them to inside a home or in a fenced-in backyard.

The ordinance is being brought up after several complaints about a number of pit bulls in the area.

Town officials are still working on details of the proposed rule changes.

"Discriminating against dogs because of their breed is no different than discriminating against people," The Greater Charlotte SPCA's Curtis Griner said.

Griner is also on the board of directors with the American Pit Bull Foundation.

"Labeling specific dogs as aggressive just misses the point," Griner said. "The problem with dogs is specific dogs, its how a dog was taken care of."

Pineville is also talking about prohibiting animals from being chained or tethered on the front or side of yards -- since it can make the animals angry.

This will be open for a public hearing at town hall on Tuesday, October 13.